How to enjoy the Mediterranean diet? Three delicious dishes recommended to all.


      In recent years, many fancy dietary trend has been blowing , such as: Mediterranean diet, Dosha diet, and Flexitarian diet*. Among them, the “Mediterranean diet” is on top of the most popular list for several consecutive years. As part of the European diet style , some often wonder what exactly is the Mediterranean diet which is also known as “the Subtraction diet” ? And what benefits can this diet bring about? This article will introduce to you recent trend of dining patterns you need to know. Now we also recommend three delicious Mediterranean dishes for you!

What is the Mediterranean diet as part of the European diet? And what’s its difference from the Nordic diet?

       The European diet includes the Nordic diet and the Mediterranean diet. Both are similar but with difference in the origin of oil and the source of protein and carbohydrate. The Mediterranean diet is originated from the eating habits of countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. The diet of these countries focuses on the intake of olive oil, nuts, vegetables, fishes, and shrimps. While the Nordic-style diet is based on diet habit of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, etc. The dietary oil of those countries is mostly rapeseed oil, and their protein sources are small fishes as well as beans , while the carbohydrates source is dominated by the whole wheat and rye.

The Mediterranean diet is also known as the “Reduction Diet”. What will be reduced? What are the benefits?

       The Mediterranean diet reduces the intake of processed foods, red meat, processed meat, and food with high saturated fatty acids, salt, and sugar, that’s why the Mediterranean diet is also known as a “Reductive diet”. The Mediterranean diet is so popular because it reduces the intake of low-density lipoprotein (commonly known as bad cholesterol) and triglycerides (commonly known as oil) , and increases the intake of high-density lipoprotein (commonly known as good cholesterol) which will strengthen the protection of cardiovascular and reduce the risk of heart disease as well as strokes. But not everyone is suitable for the Mediterranean diet, it is recommended to ask a nutritionist to evaluate your physical condition before implementing it.

How to enjoy the Mediterranean diet? The underneath tablet of analysis shows us how to keep the Pyramid Diet to make sure of the delicacy of food and maintain good health.

Pyramid levelProportionDescription

Living habits

Health and living habits are inseparable. Eating with other persons, chewing slowly, and keep persistent exercise are all healthy habits of living .

Ground level

Eat dailyFruits and vegetables, grains, olive oil, nuts, spices.

Second level

Twice a week as main food

Fish and other seafood

  • seafood rich in Omega-3, essential fatty acids for the human body, and can only be obtained through proper diet

Third level

A little per daypoultry, eggs, dairy products

Top level

Very few intake

Red meat and sweets

  • Red meat and sweets are sources of saturated fatty acids, special attention should be paid to the amount of intake


Drink daily


  • Water, daily hydration requirement differs from person to person


  • Wine is an indispensable role for the Mediterranean diet


1. Quinoa Edamame Salad with Corn Kernels & Chickpea (Vegans)

蒔樂藜麥鷹嘴豆FeaturesStrictly selected red and white quinoa with high nutritional value from South America and local non-GMO fresh green edamame, which are rich in dietary fiber and vitamins. Quinoa also has a variety of amino acids , while edamame is rich in vegetable protein. In addition, it is seasoned with the highly nutritious chickpeas and Italian virgin olive oil that are popular in Europe and the United States. It is very suitable for bodybuilders, diet controller and vegans.
How to eat
  • Defrost ready-to-eat
  • Microwave eating for about 3 minutes (before putting in microwave , disassemble and poure into a container
  • heated indirectly in water for about 4 minutes

*adjust the heating time in the microwave according to its power.

How to serve
  • Served with romaine lettuce
  • Wrapped in tofu sushi
  • Served with lettuce to make salad

2. French Cauliflower Rice with Black Truffle (Vegan(Allium))

法式花椰米佐黑松露FeaturesSpecially selected green cauliflower rice with refreshing taste and high satiety, served with red wheat and slightly salty and sour capers, with top Italian black truffle mushroom sauce, the aroma is rich and attractive, elevating the cuisine to higher level, as if you are dining in a Mediterranean restaurant. Suitable for five pungent spice Vegans.
How to eat
  • cut a small hole in the cover film, then put in Microwave for about 2.5 minutes

*adjust the heating time in the microwave according to its power.

3. Kimchi Fried Cauliflower Rice with Cheese (Vegan(Allium))

韓式泡菜炒花椰米FeaturesThe recently popular white cauliflower rice is selected as the new staple food, paired with red wheat, the taste is freshly crispy, healthy and satisfying. In addition, adding golden sweet corn kernels not only tastes fresh, sweet and crisp, but also enrich visual enjoyment . In order to increase the richness of taste, Korean kimchi marinated with apples and pears is specially selected, and cheese powder is to increase the flavor of spicy taste. This dish a hybrid style of Mediterranean and Asian culinary, it’s a creative tasty dish ! Suitable for the five-pungent-spice Vegan
How to eat
  • cut a small hole in the cover film, then put in Microwave for about 2.5 minutes

*adjust the heating time in the microwave according to its power.


       以上三道美味的地中海飲食菜餚皆為Since its founding in 1984的歐米市集研發推出,除本身通路外,也可於許多通路購買到,例如Pinkoi誠品線上等。歐米市集以歐風飲食為核心主軸,擁有五大特點:選用天然食材、簡單搭配調味、百分之百蔬食、解凍即食、快速加熱也好吃,讓食物回歸到最原始的新鮮風味。


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