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Business To Business
The existing branded products are provided to different operators, such as wholesalers, catering operators, chain store operators, etc
Product Customization


Retail Sales
We sell products to general consumers through the internet, such as self-operated shopping platforms, group purchasing and other online platforms.
Production By Order for Export
The company's products have been sold to more than 30 countries in the world, and our products are expected to be further promoted worldwide in the future.
Factory wholesale cooperation process
Seven advantages for choosing Land Young Foods
Microoganism control|Stability of quality|Fast cooking|Stable supply
Cost-cutting|Diversification of products|Customization of products
From source to end products with professionalism and optimization
Purchasing|Food Technician|R&D|Quality Control|Specification|Production
FSSC22000 Verification
SGS-ISO22000 verification
EU verification
BSMI Verified

With international verification, eat with ease and assurance

We Look forward to your becoming customers of Land Young Foods to jointly promote healthy diet.

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Seven advantages
Choose Lanyang

The quality control team regularly checks the number of bacteria and monitors the quality of each package.
With professional machines and SOP process, stability of quality is guaranteed.
Our delicious food can easily be enjoyed by means of thawing or reheating, saving your precious time.
Produced by self-owned factories, even bulk purchases don't have to worry about.
There is no need to stockpile our goods, or to worry about storage methods. Just send your orders when you are in need , Land Young will be well-prepared for you.
We keep on continuous research and development of our products, so we have hundreds of dishes for your choice.
The flavor of products can be adjusted to satisfy your taste buds.

From source to end
products with professionalism and optimization

By overall planning, technology of high-precision operation, together with fully automatic equipment, Land Young Foods imposes strictly control over every step of cooking process. From its hardware facilities, control of water quality and temperature, to mechanical hygiene design, our best products are finally made.

We check quality from the source material, always look for qualified suppliers for selecting suitable ingredients.

They confirm with the ingredients of raw materials, seasonings, additives, packaging materials, and related inspection report as well as their supporting materials, are all comply with (various countries) regulations and relevant usage requirements. And they make proposed standards to be approved by the CNS.

Review and confirm the suppliers with their qualifications and other related certificates.

Only when the regulations and inspection reports are fully met and confirmed, the source ingredients can be adopted to develop new cuisines.
After the R&D procedure is completed, the QC team will take it over for further checking. Every purchase must timely comply with the regulations and specifications, while the internal inspection must be done as well.
Been passed inspection, the production department will again check whether the entire process is in accordance with the laws, regulations and production requirement of various countries.
Perfect service to give you the best shopping experience
There are many platforms for contacting Land Young. On the official websites, such as Alibaba, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LINE, phone calls and other channels, persons of expertise will be there to answer your questions, whenever you need a pre-sales or after-sales service, or any problems about the product, please contact us, and you will be satisfactorily responded.