SeaMaster, the ocean wizard who brings you the finest delicacies from the sea...

Using carefully selected natural ingredients harvested from the ocean, Land Young has created an assortment of exquisite side dishes bursting with the refreshing and great tastes that consumers have come to associate with SeaMaster. Our sophisticated manufacturing processes optimally preserve the original freshness and texture of food ingredients while retaining their nutrition so that consumers may enjoy great-tasting seafood and benefit from their nutrients.

HanaMatsuli’s fairytale looks and incredible flavors turn your meal into a feast!

Crafted around the concept of ""aesthetics & sensation"", HanaMatsuli turns dining into an extravagant experience for your senses. Redefining elegance, this wide selection of naturally great-tasting flavors from HanaMatsuli shall awaken your taste buds within seconds! The exquisite elegance that characterizes HanaMatsuli is achieved through the choicest and freshest ingredients skillfully prepared into a colorful palette of Japanese-style appetizers. Subtly seasoned, and with a minimum amount of oil, HanaMatsuli appetizers possess a unique texture and the original flavors of their fresh ingredients. These amuses are specially suited to small family gatherings and health-conscious individuals.

Natural and delicious, Land Ten creative light food nourishes one’s body and soul...

Through the use of the purest ingredients, Land Ten draws us closer again to Mother Nature and to the amazing original tastes she brings. This delicious Slow Food is so fresh and wholesome that you will taste the earth, smell the grass and almost feel the breeze against your face as you savor these dishes. Every Land Ten food product is grown and harvested with respect for the Earth, and prepared with minimum amounts of oil, sugar, and salt, and without any preservatives whatsoever. You will discover how this brings out each ingredient’s full original flavor, one by one, as you savor the dish. These convenient light foods will bring a smile on your face and to your heart as well.

Go market |Enjoy veggie little time in busy days

Modern people are rush and fast paced, they usually forget the importance of a healthy diet. Go market takes healthy vegetable diet as its main purpose. All ingredients are taken from nature and with no additives. It uses warm orange small packaging bag. Whether by ready to eat after defrosting or fast heating up, you can enjoy natural taste in a short period of time.

OUMI BAZAAR|European style food, let the cuisine return to the original.

Extension of the core concept of European style diet, using natural ingredients and simple seasoning, 100% vegetarian, we insist not to add too much seasoning , and serving in a convenient heating box, whether it is thawed ready to eat or fast heating, you can taste the Original and fresh flavor, return to the original starting point of the diet, eat healthy, eat delicious, and eat in a good mood!