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[Frozen food group buying and wholesale] What are the advantages? The selection guide is open

Frozen food wholesale

During the epidemic, the frozen food category in group buying and wholesale commodities has sprung up rapidly. In order to have delicious meals without going out, frozen food packs are the best choice, but there are so many items on the market, how should you choose? This article will introduce the four advantages of frozen food group buying and the selection guide for the public frozen food brand!

What is group buying wholesale?

Group buying is a group of people who are willing to buy the same product. The group buying owner counts the number of people and places an order. Through a large number of orders, there will be more cost-effective prices. For example, the most common office group buying, FB community group buying, etc. belong to this business model. Group buying can be divided into three forms: regional type, online community group buying, and special group buying websites.



order quantity

brief description

Regional type


Office group purchases and community group purchases are both regional. Although the number of people that can be reached is limited, the cohesion is very high. Usually, people will participate in group buying because of the incentives of "free shipping" and "shared shipping costs".

Online community group buying

Depends on the number of fans

Usually, influential group mothers, KOLs, and Internet celebrities become group-buying owners and initiate group-buying. They will broadcast live broadcasts and post on social platforms to call on everyone to buy, and people will place orders because they trust the group-buying owners. The order quantity depends on the number of followers.

Group buying site


Group-buying websites act as the main role of group-buying, allowing consumers to buy products at group-buying prices without joining a group.


The group buying products also cover everything, such as daily necessities, 3C products, frozen food packages, desserts and snacks, etc. Especially in the past two years, due to the impact of the epidemic, the sales of frozen food have been driven up. What are the advantages of group buying frozen food? How to choose a brand?

Four advantages of group buying frozen products

Advantage 1|Price Concession

Lanyang Foods launchedGroup buying area, the price is more favorable than a single package, and there are many types of items, such asPlant-Based Meat Series ,Warm Heart Soup Serieswait. In addition to price discounts, some items also have discounts for group buying and free shipping, which is very suitable for everyone to buy together!

Advantage 2|Break season and time constraints

Frozen food can break seasonal restrictions, and out-of-season food can also be purchased at any time. Therefore, consumers have more and wider choices. Like a must-have dish for the Spring Festival"Hericium erinaceus with sesame oil and nuts"Group buying is also open in advance, so don't worry if you can't buy it then!

Advantage 3|Longer storage period

Frozen food is stored at low temperature, which makes the bacterial enzymes lose their activity. Therefore, the quality of the ingredients is stable and the original flavor is well preserved. Therefore, the storage period is longer than that of normal temperature food. Even if you buy a large amount, you don’t have to worry about it being too late to finish.

Advantage 4|Easy to eat

Frozen food is divided into eating methods such as "defrost and eat", "water heating", and "microwave". The heating method is very convenient and suitable for diners and busy office workers.

How to choose a trustworthy one among many brands?

1. Need to pass international verification

Having more international certifications can make consumers feel at ease when eating, just likeSince its founding in 1984With a number of international certifications (ISO22000, FSSC22000, EU, HACCP), it strictly checks food safety, and the quality is reassuring.

2. Positive consumer reviews

Since most of the group buying groups are actual users, if most consumers leave positive comments, it can be confirmed that the brand’s products are delicious or easy to use.

3. The packaging has complete food labels and good packaging status

according toArticle 22 of the Food Safety and Sanitation Management Law, Food labeling needs to complete its product name, content, manufacturer information...etc. In addition, frozen food packages should be properly frozen and stored. If there is swelling, please confirm whether it can still be eaten.

The first choice for group buying frozen food: Lanyang Foods

frozen food

Since its founding in 1984The business philosophy is "Integrity, Honesty, Quality First", spare no effort in the research and development of healthy dishes, insist on not adding artificial flavors, colorings, etc., strictly select natural ingredients and seasonings, and serve delicious and beautiful dishes. In addition, the heating method of frozen food packs is convenient and fast. Some are "frozen and ready to eat" and some only need to be heated in a microwave oven for a few minutes. It is very convenient and delicious! in addition,Lanyang Foods also provides rich and diverse group-buying items, whether it is soup, cauliflower rice series, or healthy quinoa series, they are all popular group-buying choices! Three meals a day can be safely handed over to Lan Yang.

Strictly selected high-sweet New Zealand pumpkin, with high nutritional value, accompanied by mellow, rich, smooth and delicious cream, the two are sweet and mellow milk, highlighting the aroma of pumpkin, smooth and not greasy in the mouth, warming and warming the stomach .

Carefully selected white flower coconut rice is added with red quinoa, king oyster mushroom, baby corn, edamame, onion, red pepper, sweet corn and other fresh ingredients, served with Thai refreshing seasoning such as lemongrass, lemon juice, basil, etc. It is a hot season Refreshing and unburdened premium fresh choice!

Healthy stewed rice with quinoa and barley instead of white rice! Strictly select the popular health ingredients red, white quinoa and smooth Q-ball chewy barley to create a double-layered taste. The golden-colored diced sweet potato is served with nutty pine nuts and emerald green soft spinach to create a natural flavor. The aftertaste of sweetness, embellished with cheese and creamy rich milky aroma, will make you come back again and again.


Products Featured:Thai Lemon Flavored Pork 200g-Plant Five Spicy Vegetables

Group buying here:Group buying area

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