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brand introduction


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Lanyang Food is a local enterprise established for 40 years. It produces a variety of frozen prepared foods and has developed more than 100 dishes. From Taiwanese to international, gourmet food knows no borders.

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The third factory in Yilan specializes in the production of vegetarian products. It is produced in a dedicated line. The products are not cross-contaminated. The factories have all passed international certification, so you can enjoy vegetarian food with peace of mind.

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COOKING CLASS cooking class for lazy people

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public welfare action

Practice social responsibility with heartfelt actions

social care

social care

  • Taiwan Lourdes Association
  • Rehabilitation Youth Care Association
  • Family Support Foundation
  • Women's Rescue Foundation
  • Goodwill Communication Restoration Society
  • rebuild the old
  • Epidemic prevention and medical care charity activities
  • End of Year Blessings - Donation of New Year’s food to caring households
community care

community care


  • Datong District Zhishengli Community
  • Datong District Dalong Senior Citizens' Residence
  • Yilan County Agape Care Association
  • Family Support Foundation-Yilan


Charity market

Charity market

  • future market
  • Guandu Humanities and Arts Week
  • Hand Fushi Market
Educational Bursary

Educational Bursary

  • 國立宜蘭高級商業職業學校
  • 國立頭城高級家事商業職業學校
  • 宜蘭縣立玉田國民小學
  • 蘇澳高級海事水產職業學校
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